This Is Virginia Kerr: Video and Marketing Hacks for Women


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This is Virginia Kerr, The Podcast and I’m ready to help you master your video and master your success! Through my proven strategies I’ve helped my clients start using effective video within days (not weeks or months) with easy-to-use strategies and templates. Creating video content can be intimidating! Whether you worry about your speech, stress over the perfect video look, or struggle to come up with content ideas, I can help. You don’t have to try to figure out the video world alone, we can do this together. I’ve worked in newsrooms and made countless videos while developing my content strategies, editing techniques, and embracing the on-camera quirks that make me unique. This is knowledge I’m thrilled to share with you so you can stand out for being yourself! Your story and personality are what set you apart from everyone else in your industry. Don’t hold yourself back from sharing these gifts with the world. Putting your true self out there is what helps you find ideal clients and customers. Think about connections you’ve made just by watching someone’s video. It’s powerful, right? Don’t let this amazing marketing opportunity pass you by just because being on video seems scary. If you’re ready to refine your content plan and on-camera presence to be the magnetic business owner you KNOW you can be, you’ve found the right place. For more information about the podcast, or to learn more about This is Video School visit www I would love to connect with you more on social media! You can find me at: IG: @thisisvirginiakerr Facebook Group:

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