Prescriptions linked to higher risk of falling - Age doesn't affect the ability to lose weight


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Nearly 95% of older adults are taking prescription drugs that increase their risk of falling. In 1999, less than 60 percent of seniors were taking drugs that affected their likelihood of falling; by 2017, that figure surged to nearly 90%.

Mark will be discussing the findings that studies have concluded are important because they highlight how a rise in prescription medications can increase the risk of serious injuries and even death.

Two prescription drugs account for a majority of falls. Mark will be discussing these prescription drugs, and why they are causing so many falls.

In the second part of the podcast, Mark will be looking at recent research that age doesn't affect a senior's ability to lose weight. Making healthier choices is the key to achieving long-term weight loss.

There are several reasons why people may discount weight loss in older people. These include an 'ageist' perspective that weight loss is not relevant to older people and misconceptions of the reduced ability of older people to lose weight through dietary modification and increased exercise.

Age should be no barrier to the management of weight and lifestyle.

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