Siraj Zaidi (Indian Film Festival of Ireland) is "In The Room" with 52 Jokers Wild


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Siraj Zaidi - Producer, Writer, Actor & Film Festival Director


“In the Room” with Garvin and George is Sarij Zaidi, producer, writer, actor, and film festival director for the Indian Film Festival of Ireland. The 2021 online film festival has recently been launched. Siraj shares his insight on how he is producing his latest production, raising funds for film production, and marketing the project. He shares what he knows about getting pre-sales and the importance of knowing where your audience is and what they want. Garvin brings in his analysis from an accounting perspective and George’s job is to ensure all sides are still talking to one another by the end of the show. Bollywood is discussed and Siraj talks about how his work spans both Irish and Indian cultures.

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