2021 04 13


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(intro by omar)
Kindling “Destroy Yrself” Hush
Missing Earth “Galaxy” Gold, Flour, Salt
Dadar “get away” sick of pasta
Tough Age “Me In Glue” Shame
most selfless cheerleader “game of pricks” demos
Garden Club “Pink House” Girls
neutrals “Motorcycle Cop” Promotional Cassette 2
Espejos “The Trap of Equality” Power/Control
Havania Whaal “Spiral Out” Elaborate Minor Crisis
Prime Junk “X-Files” Ladybird
Shamir “Straight Boy” Revelations
Big Heet “Flint” On A Wire
Paddlefish “In The House” Refrigerator
Beverly Tender “Theme From Beverly Blender” What Have You Done To My Water?
Total Control “Her Majesty, Budgie” Laughing At The System
Pretend “Your Own Embrace” Tapestry’d Life
Atlantic City Melodies “She Took Me Straight To Mars” Follow Your Fucking Dreams
Peachier “No Problem” Life is Peachier
Sodium Beast “I’m Home Ma” Night Club Tonite
Melanin “Nervous” Not Your Target
Group Rhoda “June” Wilderless

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