2021 04 20


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“NorCal Resist is providing emergency support to families during this time of crisis. With your help, we’ve assisted nearly 3000 families across Northern California with over $899,000 in emergency aid. Unfortunately, the need has not stopped, and we currently have a waitlist of 254 families who need help paying rent, utilities, and other essential bills. We’re currently $101,000 away from our GOAL of $1 million by June 1! Please help keep these vulnerable families afloat during this difficult time. Direct cash aid provides families with the flexibility to use the funds wherever most needed. We know that we are so fortunate to live in a community where we pull together to keep folks safe and healthy. Thank you for your support!”
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(intro by omar)
Trust Fund “Crab line” We have always lived in The Harolds
Date Stuff “Long Con” Date Stuff EP
Mo Troper “Wicked” Exposure & Response
Permanent Makeup “Desperate Adults” Scrape
Banana “Doomed” Die Alone pt. 2
Soft bite “social paranoia” these are the days
Toyota “A Okay” Polyvinyl Chloride Sonosheet Containing Classified Data
Gel Set “Kiss Me In The Shadow” Body Copy
Otto Rollo “Tending A Garden ft. Quinn Tsan” Road To Blue Dream
Van Dale “II” Of The Valley II
Hose Rips “Saturn” Hose Rips
Senor Fin “What Neil Said” Jazzy
Night Shapes “My Problems” Wake Up
Scary Balance “Pretty Things” what’s up, day?
Plasmic “Tears Are A Routine” PLASMIC
Sweet Reaper “Holidaze” Street Sweeper
Gingerlys “Incandescent” Gingerlys
Treadles “An Albatross” Bees Are Thieves Too
PONY “Healthy Brain” Do You
Astro Children “While I Appreciate Your Concern” Plain and Fancy Killings

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