2021 04 27


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sent $$$ this week to Harm Reduction Services.
“Our Mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of people affected by drug use in Sacramento and surrounding areas, to increase access to health care, empower people to protect themselves, and educate each other to reduce harm in our communities.
Harm Reduction is grounded in justice and human rights - it focuses on positive change and on working with people without judgment, or discrimination. It is the belief that making practical, safer, and realistic steps towards reducing one’s harm will create long term positive change in individuals. The primary goal of harm reduction is to reduce the negative effects that may be experienced with substance use while not challenging a person’s right to use substances. The secondary goal is to provide people with resources when they do decide they would like to stop using substances. The underlying principle behind harm reduction is that the use of drugs does not mean people forfeit their human rights.”

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(intro by omar)
UV-TV “You’re High” GLASS
Rob Magill “The American Race Mystery” A Direct Threat
Weed Hounds “Oxalis” Double Life
Laffing Gas “Television” Laffing Gas
Rebecca Schiffman “Fireflies” Upside Down Lacrimosa
Bad History Month “A Warm Recollection” Dead And Loving It
Chud “Walking Clouds” The Man Behind The Menergy
Teenage Halloween “Jerk” Eternal Roast
Crystal Eyes “Already Gone” The Female Imagination
Candace “Horizons” Horizons b/w Greys
The Cowboys “I Spy” Vol. 3
Mark E. Deutsch “Protocol for C'lapse” Found Voice
No Home “Who Cares, The State Wants Me Dead Anyway” Self Preservation
Gel “Medication & You” Demo 2
No Sister “Romantic Notion” The Second Floor
Morning TV “Sun’s Rising” Sun
Weeping Icon “Inauguration” Eyeball Under
Sea Moss “Wanna Sea a Trick?” Bread Bored
Patsy “Count it on Down” LA Women
Squirrel Flower “Conditions” Contact Sports
Onsind “Grieving Kind” We Wilt, We Bloom
Gus “Just Foolin’” It’s…Gus!
Cabbage “So Hard” Crab Bag
Zula “Unmistakable” 6 Passes
Choir Boy “Sunday Light” Sunday Light
Drahla “Silk Spirit” Third Article EP
WHIMM “Town Hall” A Stare Ajar
Furnsss “Do What I Want” Furnsss
Lumpy & The Dumpers “Hair on the Inside” Those Pickled Fuckers
Just Blankets “Longshore Drift” Like Velcro
Ashby and the Oceanns “Ode To Boy” Future Summers
Pleasure Systems “Crumbs” Antumbra Pull
Bugg “Caveman” Bugg
Egrets on Ergot “Wrapped” Surfeit of Gemutlich
it foot, it ears “humor me” teeter
YANKEE BLUFF “Waking Up” 3 Eps
So Many Wizards “Just Poison” Heavy Vision

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