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sent $$$ this week to Save the West Berkeley Shellmound.
“Beneath the pavement in West Berkeley dwells a cultural and historical touchstone of singular significance: the first human settlement on the shore of San Francisco Bay, established 5,000 years ago. There, at the mouth of Strawberry Creek, the ancestors of today’s Ohlone people created a unique lifeway between land and sea. For countless generations, they practiced ceremonial traditions and constructed a great mound in which they buried their dead-the West Berkeley Shellmound.
The last remaining undeveloped portion of this heritage site, held sacred by the contemporary Ohlone community, is now at risk of being obliterated by a proposed retail and housing development. The 1900 Fourth Street project would tower six stories high and excavate two acres of land for a basement parking garage. Ohlone family bands have joined together in steadfast opposition to the desecration of their sacred grounds and are leading a broadly-based community campaign to preserve the land.
In March of 2018, developer Blake Griggs Properties announced a new plan to force the City of Berkeley to approve a redesigned, enlarged 1900 Fourth project by exploiting a brand new state law designed to address California’s housing shortages. Under this law, 1900 Fourth could be approved in as little as 180 days with no environmental review or public process-silencing the public, steamrolling the will and voices of Ohlone people, and destroying what remains of a sacred site where human burials are likely interred.
Ohlone family bands and a broad coalition of Bay Area community members have vowed to not allow this grievous injustice to occur. We ask you to stand with us.”

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Lunch Lady “It’s Easy” Demo
Excessive Visage “Buried in Gold” You Are Lost Anyway
Luge “Head Boy” Tall Is Just A Feeling
Porches “Leave The House” The House
Thick Paint “Why the Sky Pisses” Bifocal
Anna McClellan “Veronica” Bifocal
R.Ariel “told” oh
Dingbat Superminx “The No Song” Beauty is as Beauty Does
Noseholes “Ex Driver” Danger Dance
Radiator Hospital “The Songs You Like” Play The Songs You Like
CALYX “Dam Behind Bam” For To, Oh
Future Teens “Learned Behavior” Hard Feelings
S. ayton “popcorn” pet names
Moonrace “M-Tentacles” Lunar Dunes
Kissing party “Liars Club” Kissing Party/Break Plaza
Bobby’s Oar “Jealous” Not What I’m Looking For
Michael O. “Dying to C U” A Fruits & Flowers Three-Way
Piano Movers “Combat Boots” A Fruits & Flowers Three-Way
The Reds, Pinks & Purples “Seems Like We’re Always Starting Over” A Fruits & Flowers Three-Way
Miya Folick “Trouble Adjusting” Give it to Me
Sawtooth “Feels Like I’m Going To Die” Why We Are And Why We Are Not (Experiments)
Hovvdy “Late” Cranberry
Polish “Eternal Flunk” DEMO
Trauma Harness “Private Surplus” Walt’s Crawlers
Benny Gringo “Choose to Confuse” Ben E. Gringo and his popcorn of Feer
The Oilies “Psychic Dog” Psychic Dog
Palm “Color Code” Rock Island
a stick and a stone “Willow” The Long Lost Art of Getting Lost

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