2021 05 25


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sent $$$ this week to Sankofa Market in Sacramento.
“The Sankofa Market strives to serve as a communal hub that connects local Black farmers and herbalists to the wider Sacramento community. At Sankofa Market, we are dedicated to offering fresh produce, herbal medicines, and cultural enrichment to the general public, while catering especially to members of the African Diaspora.”
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(intro by omar)
Peaness “Same Place” Are You Sure?
Slumbers “Milkshakes” Come Over
No Vacation “Reaper” Intermission
The World “I Fell In Love With A Slumlord” FIRST WORLD RECORD
Dove Lady “Bonekeh” E
Happy and You Know It “Fake Reality” Fuck you I’m scared
Plastic Weather “Echo Chamber” Plastic Weather
Institute “Human Law” Subordination
Alexei Shishkin “Oscillating” 3
Two Moons “Erase You” More Rain
Dianas “Heart of Me” Leave Love
Martha “Fix My Brain” The Winter Fuel Allowance Ineligibility Blues
The Crabs “The World Can’t Bring You Down” Something Wicked
DUNUMS “Truthy Arab Cities” They Been Curse at Me
Hard Nips “Bunny” Bunny
Peter Kirsch “madonna record” Between Two Worlds
Shrouded Amps “She Spun Out” World Well Lost
Cassie Lopez “sun girl” you drown demos
Water From Your Eyes “Out Of Town” All A Dance

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