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sent $$$ this week to the Indian Residential School Survivor Society.
“The Indian Residential School Survivor Society (IRSSS) is a provincial organization with a twenty-year history of providing services to Indian Residential School Survivors.
The Indian Residential School Survivors Society began in 1994 as a working committee of the First Nations Summit. We were known as the Residential School Project, housed out of and as a part of the BC First Nations Summit. Our work was primarily to assist Survivors with the litigation process pertaining to Residential School abuses. In more recent years our work has expanded to include assisting the descendants of Survivors and implementing Community education measures (Indigenous & Non-Indigenous).
As of March 2002, we formally became the Indian Residential School Survivors Society (IRSSS). The IRSSS is governed by an elected Board of Directors from six regions of BC; the Board of Directors are also Survivors or Intergenerational Survivors of Residential Schools. The Board of Directors is responsible for the funding of the organization and delegates its day-to-day duties to our Executive Director. The Executive Director is hired by the Board of Directors and hold full responsibility for the implementation of Board initiatives and policies and hiring staff. The board is supported by a staff of 20 professionals and 16 Elders who provide Cultural Support, most of whom are either Indian Residential School Survivors or Intergenerational Survivors.
IRSSS provides essential services to Residential School Survivors, their families, and those dealing with Intergenerational traumas. These impacts affect every family and every community across B.C. and Canada. This fact is most evident in the Corrections Canada Services-the numbers of First Nations people incarcerated, Child and Family Services child apprehensions, the high number of people on social assistance, unemployment and underemployed, lower levels of education, the lowest number within an ethnic minority of “determinants of health�, the list of impacts is extremely high while the services available to effectively assist impacts of Residential Schools remain quite low.
One of our Society’s goals is to continually expand our support to partner organizations and maximize access to culturally sensitive, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual care.”

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Operator Music Band “Realistic Saturation” Coordination
Hungry Cloud Darkening “I Am Seen” Glossy Recall
The Carols “10 FEET DEEP” Honestly, It’s the Carols
Joey Nebulous “cupid clutter” high on daddy’s day
Yogurt Brain “LEMON TREE” The Lemon Tree EP
Mala Fides “Stressor” Dull but Constant
Closer “Hardly Art” All This Will Be
Bill Baird “Walking in a Straight Line” Straight Time
Greg Jamie “Everything Here” Crazy Time
Cat 500 “My Foot” The Comp
Rachel Kiel “Charged” Shot From a Cannon
CAMP COPE “How to Socialise & Make Friends” How to Socialise & Make Friends
Anna McClellan “Heart of Hearts” Yes and No
SILENT ERA “Ours Now” O Horizon
Hola beach “Positiv” The Big Game
Snow Roller “Bury The Lede” XXL
Salad Boys “Psych Slasher” This Is Glue
Duzz “Flesh Costume” Flesh Costume
The Stroppies “The Truth” it’s A Hit!
MOANING “Does This Work for You” Moaning
Long Neck “Ashes” Will This Do?
Melissa Weikart “Coffee” Coffee
Little star “providence” Even In Dreams

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