2021 06 22


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sent $$$ this week to Black Artist Foundary in Sacramento.
“We are changing our reality by bringing Black artists front and center. Black Artist Foundry challenges systemic barriers by elevating Black culture and providing resources to sustain creative careers.
Put simply, we provide funds, space, and community to Black artists. The bigger picture is that we address inequity in the arts by granting funds and opportunities to Black artists. Art shouldn’t have to be a side hustle and our mission is to encourage and empower Black artists to pursue their passion.”

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(intro by omar)
Chris-a-riffic “Fresh Bruise” Post-Season
The Beths “Idea/Intent” Warm Blood
Ed Schrader’s Music Beat “Rust” Riddles
Nap Eyes “Every Time the Feeling” I’m Bad Now
Sunny War “The Change You Make” With The Sun
Palm Crest “Rivers” Palm Crest
CS Luxem “Space” Symptoms
Jay Som “O.K., Meet Me Underwater” Pirouette
Unlikely Friends “Broken Again” Crooked Numbers
Ther “little bug” nonultrajoy
fog lake “reassurance” fog lake / euphoria again
euphoria again “i’m not singing for you” fog lake / euphoria again
Trace Mountains “A Partner to Lean On” A Partner to Lean On
Crimps “NYC” Crimps Demo
Beast Nest “You Were So Fucked Up I Thought I Was Dreaming” A History of Sexual Violence
bedbug “lilies” i’ll count to heaven in years without seasons
Haircut “Gritona” Shutting Down
Bullshit Hardcore Band “screens” Marksism
SBSM “Invisible/Cyclical” Leave Your Body EP
FRIGS “Solid State” Basic Behaviour
Soccer mommy “Still Clean” Clean
Totally Mild “Today Tonight” Her
Royal Brat “Gut” Eyesore
Generifus “Sound” Free Ways
NEO NEOS “Peace, America” NEO DELAY 2016
Strange Fate “Round Up” Strange
Kolb “Car Song” Making Moves
Hour “Still New to This” Tiny Houses
Clark Williams “tasting this” ?
Scrap Brain “BPD” Unhappy Hardcore EP
Wrinkle “Brighter” A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies
Elephant Gym “Dance Together” Balance

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