2021 06 29


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sent $$$ this week to get liquids again, it’s still so warm out !!!
keep people hydrated !!!!!
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(intro by omar)
Anna Burch “Tea-Soaked Letter” Quit the Curse
Shake the Baby Til the Love Comes Out “World Class” in a pretty suit
Marika Hackman “My Lover Cindy” I’m Not Your Man
The Jellies “trouble” bluebeard
Happy Accidents “Free Time” Everything But The Here And Now
Public Eye “New Vice” Relaxing Favorites
Video Duct “Street Cleaner” Anti-Human Hate
Hydropark “Bloom” Hydropark (EP1)
Alice Bag “Etched Deep” Blueprint
Melaina Kol “Pine” Bird Kill Worm
Caroline Says “Mea Culpa” No Fool Like An Old Fool
Liza Anne “Kid Gloves” Fine But Dying
Cindy Lee “Operation” Act Of Tenderness
Wax Wings “Don’t Go Away So Far” Swarm
Strange Ranger “Soaked in Sleep” DEMOS
Het Ward “VIOLENT DECEIVER” No One Is Ever Going To Tell Us How To Love Again
Stiff Love “Attitudes” Attitudes/Out of Control
EXEK “Actress Practice” Ahead Of Two Thoughts
Candace “Baggy” New Ruins

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