2021 07 06


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sent $$$ this week to LA bomb explosion fund for the Reyes & Ruiz Family.
“On 06/30/2021 Both of my families were injured during the unexpected explosion this has completely changed our life’s one day to another. LAPD confiscated illegal fireworks and the bomb squad decided to detonate them within an iron-chambered containment truck less than 15 feet from our house. The force of the explosion destroyed not only the container but both of our houses resulted in a total loss the houses were both Red Tagged. The damages ended up in both of my families becoming homeless and losing all of their clothes & valuables. Both my grandparents were injured, my aunts family and her two babies were left without anything. Any donation is highly appreciated and we’re extremely thankful for everyone who has messaged us. Any donations will go to finding shelter and buying utilities that were completely destroyed. May God bless you guys.”
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(intro by omar)
Say Sue Me “I Know I’m Kind of Boring” We’ve Sobered Up
Wooing “In Colour” Daydream Time Machine
Violet Mice “Swans of Stone” Garabaggio
About a Million “Underwater” Look For Me When You Get Bored
Drowse “Put Me to Sleep” Cold Air
Pale Kids “Samson” Hesitater
Headlines “Monuments” MMXVII
Gender Work “summer rain” Blankets EP
Major Murphy “Who I Will Be” No. 1
Casual Hex “Sacred Plush” FLESHED OUT
Tres Oui “Red Wine and Dry Ice” Poised to Flourish
Nectar “Change Your Mind” Knocking At The Door
Cay Is Okay “Like Mother” Low-Fi
Spencer vh “igyl” acceptance
James Kochalka Superstar “Parking Lots and Mountain Tops” How to Tie a Tie on the Internet
Birdskulls “Sleep Walking” S/T
Warm Bodies “My Face Fell Off” s/t
Special Moves “Make Up Words As U Go Along” February
Popcorn of Fear “Take A Chance” Popcorn of Fear
Helena Deland “Perfect Weather for a Crime” Altogether Unaccompanied Vol. I & II

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