#165: Pricing Strategies From The CEO Of A Billion-Dollar Business | With Mike McDerment


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It’s time to kill hourly pricing once and for all.

While many freelancers think hourly billing is a fair method, it’s actually the least fair method for pricing your work.

Hourly pricing leads to an immediate conflict of interest between you and your clients, and it puts very little consideration for the value of whatever it is that you do.

You are much much more than a bundle of hours for sale.

You’re a creative offering something valuable in this world.

I’m not the only one that thinks this is the case…

Our podcast guest this week is Mike McDerment – the founder and CEO of a 10-figure business. His advice to the 6-figure creative community is this:

It’s time to break the time barrier and start charging based on the value you create.

This week’s interview is an eye-opening look at why we should quit charging per hour or day, and instead charge a flat rate based on the outcome we deliver to our clients.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How Mike went from freelancing to running a business worth over 1 billion dollars
  • How freelancing has changed in the past two decades
  • Why you should bill per project, not by the hour
  • How you can determine what a client wants
  • Why some clients aren’t worth it
  • What to do if someone offers to pay you a million dollars per hour
  • How different clients see value in different things

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