NSW agents πŸ“’ A new COVID-Safety plan starting Monday 11 Oct 2021


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As part of the new COVID-Safety plan starting Monday 11 Oct 2021, there are 2 major changes that affect the real estate industry.

The CEO of REINSW, Tim McKibbin he has informed me that it appears:

  1. If you are in a 'General Area' you can commence OFIs and on-site auctions as of Monday 11 Oct 2021.
    • But if you are in a 'Stay At Home Area' you cannot conduct OFIs or on-site auctions yet.
    • Although, we are still waiting for the Government to specify these areas.

2. All potential buyers in 'General Areas' must be Fully Vaccinated in order to enter an OFI. This means it is the agent's responsibility to ensure anyone wanting to attend the OFI shows their vaccine passport prior to entering.
We will provide you with updates once we know more.
NB: This information is delivered to the best of our knowledge. Please refer to the Public Health Order for the latest updates.

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