Autumn market review & wooden Porsche shifters


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This episode we’re bringing you a deep dive into the story of wooden Porsche gear knobs. Tony Hatter, designer of the 993 and Carrera GT, joins us to enlighten listeners as to why a wooden shifter was used on the 917 race car as well as the Carrera GT. We also speak to Simon from ‘Built by Basil’ @builtbybasil who handcrafts wooden gear knobs in a multitude of different woods. Want one for yourself? Make sure you listen out for the discount code and exclusive Patreon giveaway!

Later in the episode we investigate the current state of the used Porsche car market with expert input from Mark and Jamie at Paragon @paragonporsche They reveal the state of play with current trading conditions and what we can expect going into 2022.

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