A Breath of Fresh Earth


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A Breath of Fresh Earth explores the great things happening in the fight for a clean planet. Each week I'll give a shout-out to people making a huge impact with new technologies and ideas. I call them "Climate Heroes". We have our share of climate villains, too. The President isn't the only one I have a problem with. (I'll try to avoid saying his name during the show) I'll tell you about new products available to purchase, and who to follow on social media, reviews of environmentally themed movies, books, and songs, apps and websites, the air quality index and the current CO2 level. I'll tell you exciting news about wind and solar energy, plant-based food, electronic vehicles, the fight against plastic in the ocean, the EPA, and much more. Best of all, I'll give you easy steps to help in this battle and you won't have to leave the comfort of your couch to do it!

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