Ep 276: Greg Proops (Whose Line Is It Anyway, The Nightmare Before Christmas)


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Greg Proops is a stand-up comic from San Francisco. He lives in Hollywood. It’s not that bad. Really.
The Proopdog is best known for his unpredictable appearances on Whose Line is it Anyway? and will be performing across the country with Ryan Stiles, Jeff B. Davis, and Joel Murray on the Whose Live Anyway Tour.
Professor Proops has a hit Podcast called The Smartest Man in the World and a new book The Smartest Book in the World, based on his award-seeking podcast. He records it live in Australia, New Zealand, Montreal, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Austin, London, Paris aboard a ship in the Caribbean and somehow, Cleveland. Find it at Proopcast.com
Greg has lent his voice to Hell and Back, Star Wars the Phantom Menace, The Nightmare Before Christmas and he really was Bob the Builder.
The Greg Proops Film Club a popular podcast digging vintage movies is available on iTunes. He has recorded at the TCM Film Festival, Edinburgh and the Cinefamily in Hollywood.
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