119: Don't Let GO! | Inspiration and Motivation for Women


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In this episode, Alisha gives inspiration and motivation fo women in business. Consistency, sustainability, and mindset are important things that are mentioned in this episode. If you want to learn how to build a successful business, learn how to maintain a business, or learn how to stay focused even in hard times, Alisha gives you the empowerment you need to stay encouraged on your entrepreneurial journey.

She uses the analogy of winning the lottery, being an overnight success compared to those household names of people who’ve actually worked on building a sustainable career. If you want to learn how to grow as an individual, you must learn how to stay consistent even when you feel like giving up as a creative entrepreneur, mompreneur, or girl boss.

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Alisha Richard is a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur. As a photographer, she’s been an entrepreneur since 2011 with Eye Shadow Photography. As a singer, Alisha recorded her first solo album, GODfidence to enrich, encourage, and inspire women of faith. As a a branding strategist, Alisha’s been able to teach creatives how to brand themselves through their visual presentation. As a wife, and mom, Alisha enjoys spending time with her husband, playing catch with her two sons, and teaching on the podcast as the founder of the A Rich Life Podcast.

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