123: One on One Branding Strategy Session | How to Start a Magic Mirror Business


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In today’s episode, Alisha coaches Saferia on how to start a magic mirror photo booth business. Alisha talks about how to set up a photo booth business that will not only bring in sales and potential clients but they also discuss how to start a magic mirror small business in 2020.

Discussed during the podcast episode, Alisha talked about how to set up the photo booth equipment, how to set up the contract, and what to feature on the magic mirror photo booth website. Wondering how to plan social media content about a magic mirror? Alisha gives Saferia different methods on how to advertise and promote her photo booth company. She also informed Saferia about how to build a personal brand as a small business owner and the importance of engaging wither her perspective clients.

Are you struggling with Branding and need a little assistance with the different tools and strategies to help you with your business?

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