114: How This 15 Year Old Sickle-Cell Warrior Jaedyn Gibson Started Her Business


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Today in the guest chair, we have 15-year-old Jayden Gibson. Jaedyn is a sickle-cell warrior, entrepreneur, philanthropist, baby-sitter, and honor roll student.

Jaedyn's journey to being an entrepreneur started when she was on homebound. She wanted to do something that took her pain away so she started to bake in her mom's kitchen.

After she's gotten compliments from so many people, Jaedyn decided that she wanted to make more of what people were asking for. She marketed her business on Facebook and got raving fans. Jaedyn's signature desserts are known to be sold within 30 minutes.

Her peach cobbler with a twist among many have customers coming back for more.

During this weeks episode, Jaedyn also talks about how to make money as a teenage entrepreneur, She baby-sits, tutors, and even encourages her baby sister to do the same.

Jaedyn is not only a successful teenager, but she's also an honor roll student who has a dream of becoming a doctor for sickle-cell patients.

Thanks, Jaedyn for being on the A Rich Life Podcast.

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