#86 - Podcast Highlights - PART 2


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In this new series, Dan Giffin highlights some of the best moments from episodes #16 - #24 with podcast guests.

Podcast highlights include:

#16 - Ableton Live Tips & Tricks - Audio Effects with AfroDJMac

#17 - Creative Producing & Insights with Andrew Huang

#18 - Live Show Design & Music Industry Myths with Laura Escudé

#19 - Inside The Song & Promotion with Sara Simms

#20 - Interview with Sonic Bloom Founder - Madeleine Bloom

#21 - Interview with Isotonik Studios Founder - Darren E Cowley

#22 - Marketing Tips for DIY Artists w/ Kevin Breuner

#23 - Ableton Live 10.1 Features & Development Process w/ Simon Haye

#24 - Behind The Creative Process with I AM SNOW ANGEL

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