Deck Safety and Maintenance - May 27th, 2021


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In this 64th episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy celebrates National Deck Safety Month by explaining what goes into making a sturdy deck and how to ensure it lasts a lifetime. Find out how to avoid water and termite damage.

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5:10 May is National Deck Safety Month

5:40 In 1995 100+ people were injured in Wentzville, MO when a deck collapsed following a Grateful Dead concert

7:03 Decks are designed to handle a lot of weight

8:20 A deck doesn’t necessarily have to be attached to the house

9:30 Support posts

11:16 Attaching ban boards to the home and the deck

11:30 Removing the siding to attach boards and bolting patterns

12:55 Sway bar attachments cut down on movement

14:00 Flashing and treated lumber

15:00 Deck lower than the door

19:30 Joist hangers

20:47 Don’t use roofing nails on the deck and avoiding rust

28:30 Decks have movement

29:35 Stringers for stairs

31:00 Galvanized metal straps

32:00 Support post, concrete piers, and frost lines

37:06 Decking material and handrails

39:08 Treated and sealed wood

41:30 Keeping decking tight together

43:07 Deck coating used to hide rot and unsafe conditions

45:35 Ground level deck and no flashing means termites

46:19 Concrete is cheaper than a ground level deck

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