Home Automation and Security with Matt Walt - March 4th, 2021


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In this 58th episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy talks to Matt Walt of Beishir Lock & Security (https://www.stlsecurity.com/) about the latest in automation and security technology. Find out how he’s helped companies automate temperature checks for Covid screenings and save food from spoiling at restaurants.

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2:15 What got Matt Walt interested in working with technology?

8:37 General contractors, landscapers, and interior designers should meet with Matt Walt before starting any construction to make sure all the home automation and security systems work seamlessly

10:10 What is a low voltage electrician?

10:56 Check out Troy’s episode with Eco Power https://youtu.be/y5IwuryPNEk

14:40 Why have outdoor entertainment spaces become so popular and what are people doing with them?

18:30 How can Matt Walt help with upgrading existing media rooms?

22:10 How affordable is home automation and security?

31:23 Beishir sets up a lot of security cameras and card access for commercial businesses

33:18 How can home automation make a home safer when entering at night?

35:00 GFCI and sump pit monitoring

37:04 How to hide home automation speakers and components

37:35 Motorized window coverings and customized lighting are very popular

38:23 How can automation make a home more energy efficient?

44:10 Contact Matt Walt of Beishir by calling 314-833-7900

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