Mold with Travis Boyer - March 18th, 2021


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In this 59th episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy talks to Travis Boyer of Find out how you can tell if you actually have dangerous BLACK MOLD growing in your home. Contact Travis by emailing travisboyer at moldmanusa dot com or by calling 314-282-9791

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5:15 What to do if mold is visible

6:00 Air quality testing and sending spores to the lab

7:53 Bad mold

9:45 Bleach doesn’t work

10:40 Basements are a common place to find mold

11:50 A house has to breath

14:00 You might have to remove the carpeting too

19:30 Mold behind the walls won’t show up in an air quality test

23:44 Some states require inspectors and remediators to have a mold certification

27:02 Painting over mold and encapsulation

30:40 One client had a mushroom growing out of her wall

36:20 Do mold spores settle to the ground

42:00 Did the sellers hide the mold problem?

51:00 How to choose a good inspector. What is the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification)

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