Ep#98 Why you should buy it yourself and not Syndicate with Boris Sanchez


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Welcome to Achieve Wealth Through Value Add Real Estate Investing Podcast with James Kandasamy.

Today I am very excited to have Boris Sanchez as a guest on our weekly show.

Boris is an active commercial real estate investor, broker, lender, and educator. Owner 466 multifamily units all 100%. A voice against the grain, he practices and educates on the benefits of active, non-syndicated ownership of multifamily deals. Boris is a strong believer in forced appreciation and equity, not syndicated AUM as it is not the best nor quickest path to wealth generation. He has been a broker and lender of over $500 million worth of commercial real estate transactions in his 10-year career so far. Along with his Stanmore Investments team, he plans on acquiring another $15 million worth of comm. real estate this year. Boris also personally mentors investors looking to enter the CRE arena as well as experienced investors looking to maximize portfolio performance or diversification.

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