How Do Gender Transitions Happen? A Discussion With Jules Joanne Gleeson


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On this episode of Acid Horizon, Craig, Will, and Adam have the privilege of being joined by Jules Joanne Gleeson, a theorist, comedian, historian, and contributor to recent Transgender Marxism collection, which she co-edited with fellow theorist and political economist Elle O’Rourke. Jules joins us today not only to discuss the project of a Transgender Marxism, as well as her essay in the collection “How do Gender Transitions Happen?” and her recent interview with Judith Butler. We discuss how Marxist theory can contribute to the imperative struggle of trans liberation, how subjectivation can be understood in the experience of gender transition on both the individual and communal levels, and the trans-positive futures that await us in the struggles of the present. Thinkers in the discussion include Althusser, Hale, Serano, Stryker, Binnie, Deleuze, Malabou, Butler, Hegel, Foucault, and many more!

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