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Show Notes:

A livable street is like a good friend that gives you energy. In contrast, an unlivable street drains you.

Bruce Appleyard is an Associate Professor of City Planning & Public Administration, at San Diego State University and serves as both the Associate Director Active Transportation Research Center (ATR) and the Associate Director Center for Human Dynamics in our Mobile Age (HDMA).

He is the author of Livable Streets 2.0 published by Elsevier which is actually an expanded update of his father, Donald Appleyard's classic 1981 urbanism text Livable Streets. When the original edition first came out it was the first to put forth the theory that streets are for people.

In this episode, John and Bruce discuss in detail many aspects of the book and his recent contribution on Designing for Active Travel he made to the International Encyclopedia of Transportation (TRNS).

Livable Streets 2.0 is a complete manual on walking, bicycling, and traffic calming. So if you want to learn more about these things, we highly encourage you to get the book.

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