Bonus Episode: 29 Gifts - Let's Ditch the Overwhelm and Put Joy Back into the Holidays, Together


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It’s December 1st - the start of the holiday season - and WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE is that in this season of light and laughter there are a lot of people who aren’t feeling holly or jolly. This is exactly why I’m inviting YOU to join me in giving 29 gifts in 29 days. It's more difficult for us Smart Ass ADHD women to get out from under the overwhelming pile of gift lists, cookie making, and magic creating. We need something to help us change course. Enter the 29 Gifts Challenge (based on the book by Cami Walker). Beginning today, I’m going to give away a gift every day for the next 29 days and I want you to join me! The more Smart Ass ADHD Women who get on this giving train, the more fun it will be! I know you have a list that rival’s Santa’s, but these gifts are different. The gift can be a compliment given, a phone call to someone you haven’t talked to in a while, time volunteered, a thank you note written. The only “rules” are that it must be INTENTIONAL, and you have to WRITE IT DOWN (putting it in the comments counts!). The 29-day prescription also involves noticing the gifts that you receive from others every day. You can keep track of the gifts you give and the gifts you receive in our 29-day journal. Download it at What we focus on gets BIGGER, so let’s focus on JOY, GRATITUDE, & MEANING. Are you in? So we can see each other’s generosity in action, be sure to: Tag me in Instagram or on my Facebook Page Use #29SmartAssGifts I’m going to be highlighting some of your gifts in my stories over the next 29 days!

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