EP. 101: Pt. 2, What 99 Episodes Taught Me About the ADHD Brain


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Episode 101 of ADHD for Smart Ass Women, is actually part two of the 100th episode of this podcast. In the 100th episode Tracy reviewed all previous 99 episodes of her podcast and shared the key thoughts that reframed her personal understanding of ADHD. There was so much content that this ultimately ended up becoming not only podcast episode #100 but also episode #101. Episode #101 starts with a discussion on ADHD and RSD or Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria. Tracy also created a 100th episode gift for her listeners which is a Podcast Index that organizes all 99 episodes. You can find it here. tracyotsuka.com/podcastindex

Episode 19: ADHD and Rejection Sensitivity

Episode 25: ADHD and Addiction

Episode 29: Psychotherapist Perry Janssen who talks about ADHD, emotion and feelings.

Episode 30: My Favorite Tech Tool, How the Apple Watch Saved My ADHD Brain

Episode 34: ADHD and Repetitive Body Focused Behavior (RBFB)

Episode 40: How to Prepare for a Meeting with Your ADHD Doctor

Episode 49: What you can do about it

Episode 50: ADHD Life Coach, former therapist and former USC adjunct professor Diann Wingert about meditation is also a must listen.

Episode 53: Neuroplasticity, Mindfulness, Meditation and ADHD

Episode 62: Cannabis and ADHD

Episode 63: Choose to be the Hero, not the Victim in Your ADHD Life

Episode 75: Why ADHD Coaching Works

Episode 78: What Does ADHD Look Like in Women? The Update. (Ep. 2)

Episode 87: ADHD Means That You’re Never Too Old

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