EP. 103: Helping Black Women Kick the Shame of ADHD with Stacey Machelle


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Join Tracy as she welcomes Stacey Machelle to Episode 103 of ADHD for Smart Ass Women. Stacey is a multi-hyphenate doer of things. She is a sketch writer/performer, producer, comedian and former broadcast news reporter and anchor. Stacey’s credits include on-air contributor and writer for TMZ, commercials, television and film roles. She is also a live studio audience warmup comic in Los Angeles, most recently for the late-night show "A Little Late With Lilly Singh."

But the biggest reason that Stacey really needs to be here with us today is the YouTube show that she created to raise awareness in black women and women of color about ADHD. It is called ADHD Is The New Black.

Stacey shares:

  • The circumstances surrounding her ADHD diagnosis the first time, and the second time
  • The symptoms she had as a child and now recognizes as ADHD
  • What made her decide to start her YouTube show, ADHD is the New Black
  • How ADHD is different when you’re a woman of color
  • The ADHD traits that she feels are responsible for her success?
  • Her number one ADHD workaround?


Stacey Machelle's YouTube show, ADHD is the New Black

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