EP. 105: ADHD, Emotion and Choosing the Right College with Collegiate Athlete, Mikayla Kee


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In this episode of ADHD for Smart Ass Women, Tracy introduces you to 21 year-old, Mikayla Kee. Mikayla is currently a senior, finishing her bachelor’s degree at The Evergreen State College in Washington. She will be entering the Master’s in Teaching program next. Mikayla also volunteers as a para educator at a local elementary school and, in true ADHD fashion, Mikayla has been doing all of this while working as a semi professional soccer player for the past three years.

Mikayla shares:

  • The circumstances surrounding her ADHD diagnosis
  • Her ADHD symptoms
  • Her struggles during her first year in college
  • How collegiate athletics is the perfect ADHD compliment to her education
  • When she connected soccer as a workaround for her ADHD
  • How her college addresses different learning styles and why this works so well for her ADHD brain
  • How important trust is in dealing with emotional dysregulation
  • What has changed since she was diagnosed
  • The ADHD traits that she feels are responsible for her success
  • The key to living successfully with ADHD
  • Her number one ADHD workaround


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