EP. 113: How to Live to Your Potential with ADHD


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Join Tracy on Episode 113 of ADHD for Smart Ass Women where she talks about how to live a life of meaning and to your potential with an ADHD brain.

Tracy shares:

  • How to know that the decisions you’re making in your life are the right decisions for you.
  • What are the questions that you need to ask regarding if you’re in the right career, relationship, friendships, etc.
  • Her 6-step Your ADHD Brain is A-OK! system
  • How to answer the What Should I Do With My Life question
  • Whether or not ADHD women care more than neurotypical women of living a life of meaning and to their potential
  • Her favorite ADHD strength-focused resource
  • What ADHD women need to be doing in order to be happy
  • Her 25%/75% theory
  • The sweet spot that plays right into our ADHD brilliance
  • Why environment is so important to our ADHD brains





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