EP. 119: ADHD, Entrepreneurship and Workarounds with Dr. Lola Day


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Join Tracy as she welcomes her delightful guest Dr. Lola Day to Episode 119 of ADHD for Smart Ass Women. Dr. Lola Day is the mom of 3 amazing children. She also is a double-boarded physician (pediatric and fetal cardiologist) who has ADHD herself. Dr. Day is the CEO and Founder of Lollie Tasking where she specializes in work-life balance for easily distracted women (ADHD) and high achieving moms who have the will to accomplish their goals, but their brain keeps sabotaging them.

Lola coaches women on productivity strategies that help them harness their superpowers and put blocks on their kryptonite so they can thrive in their zone of genius without sacrificing time away from family or being overwhelmed.

Dr. Lola Day shares:

  • The circumstances around her ADHD diagnosis in medical school
  • The surprising statistic her mentor shared with her about doctors and ADHD
  • The two things that drove her hyperfocus in school
  • Why getting diagnosed actually helps us to come to terms with just how smart our brains are
  • How structure and organization help her to be happier and less anxious
  • How she manages to not only work as a busy physician but also to carve out time in her day to work as a productivity and work-life strategist for struggling women
  • Her five keys to entrepreneurial success
  • How we can combat overlearning
  • Why we should buy for just in time learning rather than just in case learning
  • The ADHD traits that she feels are responsible for her success?
  • The key to living successfully with ADHD is?
  • Her number one ADHD workaround?
  • Information about the programs that she offers


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