EP. 124: ADHD, Art, and the Music Industry with Rebecca Brianceau


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Join Tracy as she welcomes Rebecca Brianceau to Episode 124 of ADHD for Smart Ass Women. Rebecca is an autodidact artist and an international mindfulness art teacher who hails from Toronto, Canada. Rebecca has lived in Dubai, the UAE, London, England, Zurich, Switzerland and São Paulo, Brazil. She spent 15+ years in the music industry where she worked with multi-platinum selling and indie recording artists in hiphop, soul and RnB, as well as with producers, video directors, DJs, and fashion designers.

In 2011 she left a successful career in the music world to launch her art career. Her Ocean Soul Series of stunning ocean paintings has been exhibited in galleries and art shows throughout Canada and Mexico. She now lives in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Rebecca shares:

  • The story of what inspired her to create her beautiful resin ocean paintings
  • Her ADHD diagnosis
  • Her ADHD symptoms
  • What changed once she was diagnosed
  • How she fell into the music industry and traveled all over the world as a band manager
  • The ADHD traits that she feels are responsible for her success
  • The key to living well with ADHD
  • Her number one workaround
  • Information about her Ocean Soul Series, Riviera Maya art exhibit in Playa Del Carmen


Rebecca's Instagram: @rebeccabrianceauart

Rebecca's Ocean Soul Series Riviera Maya art exhibit in Playa Del Carmen


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