EP. 126: From Homeless Shelter to Covid Infection Control Scientist with Tiffany Jackson


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Today Tracy welcomes Tiffany Jackson to the podcast. Tiffany shares her indefatigable childhood story of being abandoned by her mother, bouncing from one relatives home to another, and spending one perfect year at an elite boarding high school only to end up at a homeless shelter as a minor. Throughout all of this, Tiffany had a dream to make something out of her life. Since then she’s graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication from the Dan Rather School of Communications at Sam Houston State University, attended a year of law school which is where she received her ADHD diagnosis and in 2018 she graduated from Texas A&M University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences with a Master of Biomedical Science.

Tiffany plans to attend medical school and work as a physician epidemiologist. She loves photography and car racing.

Tiffany shares:

  • Her thoughts on how grit, drive and determination allowed her to keep going despite so many setbacks and challenges
  • How she sees her drivenness as hyperactivity
  • The circumstances surrounding her ADHD diagnosis
  • Her childhood symptoms of ADHD
  • What happened once she was finally diagnosed
  • What she’s learned she needs to be successful and happy
  • What she thinks the key to living successfully with ADHD is
  • Her workarounds
  • How she discovered what she’s always meant to do with her life


Email: tiffany.jackson@me.com

Instagram: @Texas_Senator

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