EP. 127: How to Improve ADHD & RSD Symptoms with Yogi, Adell Bridges


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Join Tracy as she welcomes Adell Bridges to Episode 127 of her podcast, ADHD for Smart Ass Women. Adell is an international yoga teacher, health coach, and author who applies her degree in psychology with her training in the neurology of movement to her yoga and movement teachings. She now splits her time between London and Florida, and shares her love for the power of mindful movement to her online community on MoveWithAdell.com and her half a million Instagram followers. She is currently coauthoring a book on hyper-mobility.

Adell shares:

  • The circumstances surrounding her recent ADHD diagnosis
  • What has changed since she was diagnosed?
  • Her advice around managing RSD (Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria)
  • What made her fall in love with yoga
  • Why yoga is perfect for the ADHD brain
  • The link between hyper-mobility and ADHD
  • How she uses her Instagram to inspire and generate positive emotion not only for herself but also her followers
  • ADHD and vertical heterophoria
  • ADHD and cerebellar stimulation
  • The key to living successfully with ADHD




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