Ep. 133: ADHD and The Appeal of Alternative Careers with Beekeeper Adrienne Smith


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This week Tracy welcomes Adrienne Smith to Episode #133 of ADHD for Smart Ass Women. Adrienne is a beekeeper who was accepted into the Oregon State Master Beekeeper program. She will take her final journeyperson exam at the end of this month and has been studying honeybee beekeeping since 2014. She lives in Central Oregon with her husband on a small farm with her bees, chickens, donkeys, a cat and some koi fish.

Adrienne shares:

  • The circumstances surrounding her own ADHD diagnosis
  • Her struggle with Auditory Processing Disorder
  • How she got into beekeeping after years of “hobby hopping”
  • Why ADHD women are often drawn to careers that go against the status quo
  • The challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated field
  • Why beekeeping is so appealing to the ADHD brain
  • Her knowledge on native bees and which species need the most protection
  • Why hyperfocus is her ultimate ADHD strength

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