EP. 138: ADHD and Vertical Heterophoria with ADHD expert and author René Brooks


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This week I’m sitting down with ADHD expert, author and coach René Brooks to talk about Vertical Heterophoria -- a little-known eye condition that, when René stumbled upon the diagnosis by happenstance, changed everything for her. While René is grateful that she was able to find relief from a lifetime of headaches and neck pain, she’s frustrated by how close she came to missing such an important diagnosis and believes the medical community still has a long way to go in understanding and treating ADHD comorbidities. “It’s right there, it’s not hidden, people just don’t put it together. People are so mired down in the research about ADHD that it’s difficult for them to understand how these things apply to real-life scenarios.”

Vertical Heterophoria and the connection to ADHD is so unknown that I myself had never heard of it, but by the end of the episode, René helps me to realize that this just might be the missing piece in my own son’s unresolved vision struggles. This realization is a great reminder of why these conversations are so important to have, and for that reason and many more I’m so excited to bring you this episode with the brilliant René Brooks.


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Vertical Heterophoria: The Unknown ADHD Related Eye Condition (scroll to the bottom of the blog post for a link to the online test for Vertical Heterophoria)

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