EP. 139: ADHD, Authenticity and Not Fitting In with Trendsetting Hairstylist and Educator Jayne Matthews


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When Covid hit the U.S. in 2020 and hair salons all across the country shut down, more and more people started taking the scissors into their own hands, often with disastrous results. While the rest of us were laughing at quarantine haircut memes (or creating our own), Jayne Matthews was brainstorming a solution: What if she could teach people how to cut their own hair using the same technique she used on clients at her salon? Now less than two years later Jayne teaches people all around the world how to give themselves stylish haircuts in a way that’s intuitive and easy to follow. This ability to problem-solve in the face of seemingly unsolvable problems is a skill Jayne attributes to her ADHD and is one she believes is the key to her success.

Join me this week as educator and trendsetting hairstylist Jayne Matthews and I discuss the importance of blazing new paths rather than trying to fit in, how to be okay with not being great at everything, and some favorite ADHD workarounds.


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