EP. 140: ADHD and Relationships With Melissa Orlov


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This week I break my cardinal rule of only interviewing women with ADHD on the podcast, which should tell you just how strongly I believe in author and marriage consultant Melissa Orlov’s work. Melissa may not have ADHD herself, but her daughter does, which is exactly what prompts Melissa to learn as much about ADHD as she possibly can. She dove deep into the research, even working alongside renowned ADHD expert, Dr. Edward Hallowell, one of my only other guest to break the podcast rule (go back to Episode 106 to listen to his insightful interview).

All of Melissa’s research led her to the surprising realization that her own husband had ADHD as well. Hello, rabbit ---> bunny! Suddenly, all of the disagreements that they’d been having for years around their relationship suddenly made sense. With this realization came a new level of compassion and understanding for each other. Together Melissa and her husband were finally able to find solutions and create systems that worked for both of them.

Since this marriage-saving discovery, Melissa has been researching and writing about how ADHD impacts relationships and marriage with the goal of providing others with the roadmap she and her husband wish they’d had sooner. Whether you’re in a relationship with a neurotypical or another ADHDer, Melissa has some helpful tips and insights that may just end that argument about emptying the dishwasher for good.


Melissa’s website: adhdmarriage.com

Her couples’ seminar: The ADHD Effect In-Depth

Her book: The ADHD Effect on Marriage: Understand and Rebuild Your Relationship in Six Steps

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