EP. 141: Laundry, House Cleaning, and an ADHD-Friendly Refrigerator with Struggle Care’s KC Davis


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When licensed professional therapist, author, and speaker KC Davis first began a self and home-care TikTok account, she didn’t intend to make ADHD content. In fact, she didn’t even know she had ADHD at the time, she just knew her unique brain required equally unique systems in order for her to stay on top of home care tasks. When KC’s content inevitably ended up on the ADHD side of TikTok, her number of followers exploded. So many people with ADHD were relating to her content and finding success with her systems that, after receiving yet another comment asking if KC had ADHD herself, she decided to get an evaluation, and soon it was confirmed that she does indeed have ADHD.

Since receiving her diagnosis KC’s content has expanded to include creative ADHD-specific systems and solutions for care tasks, but the underlying message in her work has always remained the same: “Care tasks are morally neutral. They have nothing to do with being a good or bad person, with failing or succeeding in life.” Join me this week as the insightful and hilarious KC Davis explains why thinking of care tasks as ‘morally neutral’ is so important for our mental health, teaches us her ‘condiments in the produce drawer’ ADHD fridge hack that everyone is talking about, and gives us the tools to implement a no-fold laundry system that saved her sanity.


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