EP. 142: ADHD, Nutrition and Intuitive Eating with Becca King


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‘Intuitive eating’ is a term we hear more and more these days, but in a culture where restrictive diets are king, the concept of listening to your own body may seem foreign and even “woo woo.” My guest this week, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Becca King, admits that she also thought intuitive eating was pretty “woo woo” when she first heard about it, but after closer examination, she discovered that intuitive eating wasn’t too out there at all. In fact, it was quite the opposite: intuitive eating helped Becca heal her relationship with food and her own body and started her on a path to help others, specifically those with ADHD, heal those relationships too.

Whether you’re curious to learn more or you still need some convincing, in this week’s episode, Becca will teach you the basics about intuitive eating and provide you some helpful eating tips for the ADHD brain.


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