EP. 99: Organization for ADHD Teens with Executive Function Coach, Julia Clements


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Join Tracy in Episode 99 of ADHD for Smart Ass Women as she welcomes executive function coach and math tutor, Julia Clements. Julia has a strong affinity for teens with ADHD and has working with them for 23 years. She attended the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies at The University of Redlands and believes this is where she developed her love of the individualized and creative learning process.

Julia shares:

  • The circumstances surrounding her ADHD diagnosis
  • Her philosophy on teens and learning
  • The one thing she never employs with her students or her child
  • What ADHD teens need more than anything to learn
  • What are executive functions
  • Why she uses Sarah Ward’s executive function program with her students
  • How it is different than other programs that help students learn
  • Some suggestions for distance learning in the time of COVID
  • How ADHD makes her outstanding at her job
  • What she believes the key to living successfully with ADHD is


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