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"Pills don't teach skills," Listen as your host, Eric Tivers, and his guest Jay Bushman discuss his ADHD and diagnosis, the craziness that last two years have brought, the death of his father from COVID, his new book, plus much more on this episode of . Jay is a writer working at the intersection of traditional and emerging formats. He won an Emmy for his work as a writer and trans-media producer on the ground-breaking series , an interactive adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. His first book, , a collection of advice column letters written by famous characters from literature, is now available. Jay shares his research on APD, and when he realized he might have ADHD, his therapists said he was a perfectionist and what perfectionism feels like on the inside above and beyond the actual definition. Jay had a rough year and spoke about how he could finish his book after his father passed away from the coronavirus. Listen as Jay discusses his next project and the trouble he is having getting it started. Jay believes that once the world calms down, he will be able to start, but Eric asks if there is some way for him to forget about what is going on in the world and proceed. To finish up, Jay shares his journey with perfectionism and some things that might help you push through and come out on the other side. You'll learn: [03:04] Welcome to the show, Jay! [05:46] Jay shares how he handled working on his book while his father passed away from COVID. [07:41] Jay believes that having a good therapist has helped him get through. [08:31] Jay discusses the process of being diagnosed with ADHD and APD. [11:04] Jay speaks about having [13:40] Listen as Jay talks about having chronic pain. [16:39] Jay shares his research on APD and realizing he probably had ADHD as well. [26:23] Jay's therapist talked to him about perfectionism. [27:09] Jay speaks about what perfectionism feels like on the inside. [29:54] Jay describes his book and how it's written. [33:01] Jay shares how he got his book done and his thoughts about what he wanted to do next. [34:00] There is a PowerPoint presentation available to help people write a TV show pilot. [43:41] Jay speaks about what his next book is about. [46:51] Eric shares his divorce and his work on himself to heal. [48:52] Should you maybe put your project on hold for a few months and see where you are on it then? [50:52] Jay discusses the pandemic and not leaving his apartment until things get better. [53:23] What can you do that doesn't depend on the world settling down to proceed with your project? [56:09] Jay shares some advice for anyone struggling with perfectionism. [59:20] Thank you so much for being on the show! [1:01:01] If you are a regular listener, consider becoming a patron by clicking on our Patreon tab at Connect with Jay: | |

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