Episode 161: The Liverpool Fisherman, Kaiti Jones, Charles Ellsworth, The Prairie States, Amythyst Kiah, Pressgang Mutiny, Adeem the Artist, Maddisun, Eagle Rock Gospel Singers, Brittney Spencer, Elizabeth & The Catapult, Hurray For the Riff Raff, Henriet


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Arr, matey! Sling some skilly’n’duff and grab a tankard of October Ale, because this episode features a sea shanty by Brian Jacques, the author of my beloved Redwall books. Which, by the way, Rosa and I are going to make a podcast about it.

Also, some of the best new Americana out this week! Album of the Week: Charles Ellsworth -- Honeysuckle Summer Ellsworth’s music has always had an excellent Americana sensibility, but in the past it has ranged from humorous to straight-ahead spleen. On Honeysuckle Summer, he cuts to his own core with some of the most honest and personal songs I’ve heard from him, with beautiful storytelling that really did make my heart ache.“Blood in the Halls” is easily one of the best songs about gun control I’ve heard while making this blog.
  1. The Liverpool Fisherman -- “Yate’s White’s Blues” (Swallow the Anchor)
  2. Kaiti Jones -- “Gettin’ Around To It” (Tossed)
  3. Charles Ellsworth -- “Gripping Onto Water” (Honeysuckle Summer)
  4. The Prairie States -- “High That I’m Riding” (Single)
  5. Amythyst Kiah -- “Black Myself” (Single)
  6. Pressgang Mutiny -- “Stormalong John” (Across the Western Ocean)
  7. Adeem the Artist -- “I Never Came Out” (Cast Iron Pansexual)
  8. Maddisun -- “Meant to Be” (Single)
  9. Eagle Rock Gospel Singers -- “Willfully Blind” (I Will Rise)
  10. Brittney Spencer -- “Thoughts and Prayers” (Compassion EP)
  11. Elizabeth & The Catapult -- “the muse” (sincerely, e)
  12. Hurray For the Riff Raff -- “Crash on the Highway” (Small Town Heroes)
  13. Henriette -- “never go back” (Single)
  14. Terry Blade -- “Ms. Mizell” (Single)
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