How to achieve true success abroad, with Cultural Mixology founder Jamie Gelbtuch


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This week’s episode is a bit different.
It's about YOU. Your culture. Although it is not your intention, when you move abroad, you are exporting your culture to another country, too.
After all, you don't just show up and learn about new ways of living. You learn them through the lens of your home culture. And there can be clashes there. Misunderstandings. And understanding how your culture is similar or different to where you move to can be the ultimate key to success abroad.

Jamie Gelbtuch is the founder of Cultural Mixology, which centers around cross-cultural training, executive & career coaching for expats and global teams around the world. She works with individual expat clients as well as massive brands like IBM, UBS, U.S. Department of State, the city of New York, and Julliard, among others.
Jamie has spent a total of three years living in France, and speaks French and Spanish fluently. She is a graduate of Thunderbird School of Global Management (MBA), Georgetown University (BS), and has a certificate in Executive and Organizational Coaching from NYC.
And in her spare time, she volunteers as a Chairperson for Georgetown University’s Alumni Admissions Program in NYC, is an active runner, a globetrotter who has traveled to five continents.
Key Resource
In this episode, Jamie recommends the book The Culture Map by Erin Meyer.
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