On Leaving Los Angeles and Finding Fame in Mexico, with Cafe Con Leche Travels


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One year ago, Travis came home to his Los Angeles apartment after a run and said to his partner, David, "Let's get out of here." David is a singer and Travis is a writer / standup comic, and the two entertainers had lost most gigs due to the pandemic.
Despite having only ever traveled abroad once, David was more ready than ever to get out the US, and so the pair moved to Mexico. But then Travis convinced David to something even bolder than moving abroad... they officially became YouTubers! And thank goodness that they did.
David and Travis are known online as Cafe Con Leche Travels, and they are a queer, interracial, vegan couple who feel safe, seen and definitely 'satisfecho' (full of yummy vegan food) in Mexico. This interview reveals just how possible it is to live a happy life abroad, as long as you take the leap, and what an amazing country Mexico is to live in and discover!
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