Creating Your CRE Strategy - S3E2


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In this second episode of this special season of the A.CRE Audio Series, we're talking about how to create a strategy for deal-making and deal doing, the theme of season 3. Strategy is an important part of deal-making: before you can go out and identify deals, you need to have a strategy, a reason to pursue those deals. The strategy really is the foundation of all real estate. As part of this episode, Spencer Burton, co-creator of A.CRE and our resident strategy expert is going to share two experiences from his career and the strategies and firms he worked with.

This episode is the first this season where we really get into the meat of the content for season three. It's been a ton of fun. We're glad we can share our experience with you, our viewers. We hope that week can provide value to you, where you may be in your commercial real estate career.

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