Maximizing Outcomes | Disposition - S3E8


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Welcome to the last regular episode of season 3, Deal Making and Deal Doing, from the A.CRE Audio Series. With both Michael and Spencer, today we talk about disposition. We're talking about bringing the whole thing full circle: realizing your profits and realizing your strategy. It seems like a very simple thing. If we've done everything up to this point correctly, as we've discussed and really executed on the plan, you would think that you're done, but there's a little bit more to it than that.

When we say disposition, we're really talking about a sale or an exit, two synonymous terms in the industry. You could say that you exit when you buy, and therefore if you're not thinking about the exit and have a clear plan in place for that exit at the onset, you're going to struggle to find success.

Listen on how to maximize your deal outcomes by working until the very end.

Thank you for tuning in with us this special season, and we hope you'll stick with us in the future.

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