Celebrity Pitch Queen, Forbes Riley, Sold Over $2.5 Billion in Products By Keeping It Real


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Full Episode Blog: Celebrity Pitch Queen, Forbes Riley, Sold Over $2.5 Billion in Products By Keeping It Real
Forbes Riley is an award-winning TV host, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and health & wellness expert. This ‘Queen of the Pitch’ has successfully sold more than $2.5 billion in products, published more than a dozen books and has carved her place as an entertainer on TV and the stage.
Take Advantage Of The Times To Close More Deals & Increase Sales
When Forbes Riley started in sales there was no Facebook or Twitter–there wasn’t even texting! If you are in sales, you must take advantage of Social media. Sales is all about energy and connectivity. In order to sell, your energy needs to be so infectious that it leaps from you to your buyer.

Sell Wants, Not Needs To Increase Sales
Stop telling people what they need. People don’t buy the things they need: they buy the things they want. If you are pitching a product or promoting your brand/image, tell people why they should want what you have.

Close More Deals Through Relatability
According to Forbes Riley, if you want to close more deals & increase sales you have to be relatable. In order for someone to feel like they want your product (brand, image or what ever you are selling) they need to be able to relate it to their own life. Make yourself relatable, make your product relatable!

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